All estimates/quotes are based on the information provided and the expected time and difficulty of the work. Estimates may increase if the work becomes unexpectedly more complicated. All increases will be discussed and agreed before work commences. 
Estimates do not include any materials unless other stated and agreed. 
All missed call outs incur a fee of £80. Missed call outs include all events which restrict access to the property or do not allow us to conduct the work agreed, for whatever reason. 
Work which involves dealing with human waste, hazardous substances or any materials harmful to human health will incur a surcharge, of a minimum of £80. 

Normal working hours 9:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday
All invoices will be paid on successful completion of the work, or by bank transfer within 7 days. 
Late payments incur a late payment charge of £50. Interest will be added to all overdue payments at Bank of England Base Rate + 8%.  EG: Debt x interest rate x (the number of days late/365) = interest on outstanding amount & £50 late payment fee.  Interest is charged on the gross amount of the debt including VAT.
Materials not supplied by us will not be guaranteed.  Additional work undertaken by a third party, on any of our previously completed work will also not be guaranteed.
Any concerns regarding work must be raised in person, or in writing as soon as the concerns arise.  Appropriate opportunity and time must be provided for any agreed works to be completed.  We will not guarantee or warranty any work that is not complete, or where we have not been given reasonable access to make good. 
Further work or damage caused by existing faulty items due to age, poor maintenance/original installation or wear and tear is not covered. Ie, faulty stop cocks, valves, pipework, woodwork/brickwork, fixtures and fittings that are broken or damaged through normal operation while carrying out investigation or repair will be classed as extra work. Eg, a stop cock breaks when operated, or pipework leaks when handled. This list is not exhaustive.

If you do not understand, disagree or have further questions please get in touch. 

Regular Repair Work - weekdays 9am-4pm
£75 Call Out Fee (First Hour)
Thereafter £35 every half hour, payable immediately after the first hour
Out of Hours Repair Work
Weekdays 4pm-9pm, Saturdays 9am-3pm
£100 Call Out Fee (First Hour)
Thereafter £50.00 every half hour, payable immediately after the first hour
Sundays, Bank Holidays and all other hours
£140 Call Out Fee (First Hour)
Thereafter £70 every half hour, payable immediately after the first hour
Gas Boiler - Standard Service £85
Combustion analyser test - visual check - gas rate/pressure check - clean condensate - clean system filter (if fitted) 

Gas Boiler - Full Service £140*
Strip down of combustion chamber - clean probes - clean main heat exchanger chamber - clean condensate trap - clean system filter (if fitted) - combustion analyser test - visual check - gas rate/pressure check - gas leak (tightness test) - add chemical inhibitor - replace seals (if necessary)

Unvented Cylinder Service £85
Unvented Cylinder & Standard Boiler £160
Back Boiler Unit £160
Gas Fire £120
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP12 £80 + £20 each additional appliance

Any work which includes lifting carpet, flooring, creating access, chasing walls etc may require additional specialist trades to make good the floor. This is not included in the quote. 

Further work will not take place until previous invoices have been settled. 

VAT will be added at 20% to all Labour and Materials.  Parking and congestion costs are added to your invoice. The ULEZ charge will be added to all visits. In areas where parking restrictions apply the customer MUST PROVIDE a valid parking permit or PAY for any parking enforcement charges. Parking must be available within 80 meters of the work address. 
Estimates/Invoices DO NOT INCLUDE ANY waste disposal.  ALL WASTE will be left on site. 
All work is chargeable at a minimum of the rates above. Hourly rate is per individual engineer. Work is deemed to have occurred if an engineer uses any tools or operates any gas, heating or plumbing devices on site, whether to repair or investigate.   Any additional, unquoted work requested while on site will be charged at the half hourly rate.
By accepting this quote or arranging a site visit you are accepting these terms. 
*not available on all models - Price is a minimum and may increase based on parts required