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Starting Again - Moving from South London to Essex

My partner and I first moved to Loughton in the winter of 2014. We were living in South London, but as we expecting our first child we decided to move closer to her friends and family. Hence I moved my plumbing & heating business from south London to its new home in Loughton.

We lived on the High Road, close to Natwest. We weren't sure about Loughton at first so rented a house and gave ourselves 12 months to see how we felt about the move.

Loughton has a lot of things going for it...the forest, a decent high street, nice restaurants and pubs...and a genuinely friendly community. Hence we stayed.

After the 12 month lease was up, we bit the bullet and bought a house in the town and have been here ever since.

Fluid Solutions Plumbing & Heating had to start all over again. It was too far to travel back to South London to maintain my original customer base, so I had to start building up my reputation and contacts in and around Loughton.

It was quite tough in the early days and I had to do a lot of travelling to find work. Word got around and business got better and better. Some days I never leave Loughton. A tough day is driving to Epping or Woodford!

My growing family and business made a home in Loughton. I've worked hard to take care of the plumbing and heating needs of Loughton and the local community has taken care of us.

It looks like Fluid Solutions Plumbing & Heating will be a permanent resident.

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