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30% Reduction in Energy Consumption

One month in and I can now compare my household energy consumption from February 2021 against February 2022. Since installing Hive smart controls, bulbs, plugs and most importantly smart radiator valves, I was aiming to help reduce wasted energy.

Energy Bills cost of living
Energy consumption 2022

The results are in...electricity consumption is down 29% while gas is down 32%

February 2021 was a bit colder than 2022, and I'm sure weather plays a factor. But since installing smart rad valves we are no longer heating rooms we are not in. The house is as warm as ever, but this year we can select which rooms are receiving heat from the boiler.

Any reduction in energy consumption has to be a good thing, especially now!

Smart Controls
Smat Meter Reading

Smart Controls
Smart Meter 2022

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